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How do I remove stubborn roots from by drainage system? Call First Drainage and we can solve this problem.

Removing Roots in Worcestershire

What problems can roots cause in the drain ?
Flooding, Clogging, and Damage to Surrounding Structures are a common problems caused by roots.

Roots growing and spreading underground around your property can play havoc with drains. Over time, these foreign objects can expand and get thicker, which only makes the problems worse. It’s amazing, but roots can grow through hard soil and even solid concrete, eventually suffocating the drain system completely. If left to block your drain, the roots can cause a back-log of water and some pretty major flooding will follow. 1st Drainage Worcester have seen some incredible difficulties in drains caused by roots, and we know that without attention, waterflow cannot be restored.

1st Drainage Worcester has the skill and manpower to get to the ‘root’ of the problem fast, and we have specialist equipment to cut, saw, or dig out the offending tree parts. If you need professional root removal in Worcester give us a call.

Tree roots can strangle your drains in lots of different ways. Firstly, when a root enters the drain it has likely bored through a brick or concrete structure. This creates a fracture hole that allows water to pass into places around the property that were unintended. With water seeping into the foundations, or into brickwork, the building becomes weaker and susceptible to cracking and crumbling. The entire drain can collapse as a result of tree root damage.

Additionally, the presence of thick tree roots takes up the space needed by water to flow through the drain. This can lead to flooding or the water can raise up onto ground, which is a big problem too. Often, tree root issues are hard to detect since they can occur deep within the drainage system below ground. If you are suffering with drainage issues please talk to the team at 1st Drainage Worcester, we will identify the issue and plan an efficient resolution.

1st Drainage Worcester are your local plumbers and we work on a fixed pricing basis where possible so that budgets are met. You should also check with your insurance company as you may be covered for certain drainage issues.

When there is a problem with waterflow, health and safety issues soon follow. Maintain your quality of life and address the issue before it gets bigger, and more expensive to fix. Our team of engineers are experiences and we are well reviewed. Don’t suffer in silence when it comes to blocked drains. Get your drain unblocked with 1st Drainage Worcester.

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