Drain & Pipe Laying & Re-lining

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Who do you call when you need local qualified professionals to lay pipework at your home or business propery in Worcestershire? First Drainage of course!

The Best Pipe Laying Service in Worcestershire: 1st Drainage

Our team are ready and waiting to begin your pipe laying or re-alignment project. We lay plastic or claywire pipes to meet your plumbing and drainage needs. We are experienced pipe layers and understand the different types of beds and surfaces - so we can design a project to suit your individual ground conditions. 1st Drainage engineers are fully equipped and understand the latest disciplines and technologies in the drainage industry.

Under some circumstances the pipework may be too old or out of condition to be repaired and we are able to source and supply new pipework to replace the old pipes. Our team can also supply service-to-lay pipes for connecting to toilets and sinks.

Laying pipes is not a DIY operation. You really need a professional with the proper equipment. We conduct a site assessment so that we know what lies in the ground beneath. We often get calls from people who have tried to dig their own trench but ended up digging into cable. It’s easy to understand why some people might want to save money, but botched projects will end up costing a lot more in the long-run, so don’t be afraid to contact us and we can arrange an attractive quotation.

You may also need to consider health and safety checks or gain proper permission. 1st Drainage are very experienced in this area and we can take the hassle out of trench digging and pipe laying in Worcestershire.
We have the man-power and passion to get your drainage project solved fast, providing you with the best possible quality of life. We can deal with mis-aligned or fractured pipes to restore proper waterflow. If your drain has joint displacements or leaks, don’t suffer in silence. When a drain isn’t running properly, it poses a significant risk to hygiene standards and will get progressively worse without attention. Let’s get things sorted before structural damage ensues.

If you need trenches digging or pipes installed or aligned please get in touch and we can arrange a no obligation quotation. Our local team can give you an idea of cost very quickly.

When you call 1st Drainage you are putting your properly in safe hands. We will respect your property like it is our own. We are thorough and tidy, and very well reviewed on all kinds of independant websites such as Checkatrade.

Drainage Services in: Droitwich Spa, Fernhill Heath, Hanbury, Himbleton, Flyford Flavell, Wittington, Norton, Powick, Broadwas, Whitbourne, Knightwick, Lower Broadheath, Leigh, Leigh Sinton, Suckley, Kempsey, Drakes Broughton, Pinvin, Bishampton, Wyre Piddle, Malvern and Surrounding Areas.